Executive Certificate in Export and Import (EXIM)


Executive Certificate in Export and Import (EXIM)

The Executive Certificate in Export and Import (EXIM) is a specialized training program designed to provide entrepreneurs, business professionals, and individuals involved in international trade with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to excel in the export and import industry.

Why this course?
In today’s increasingly interconnected world, African startups and SMEs face significant challenges when attempting to expand their businesses into international markets. Limited understanding of export and import processes, lack of familiarity with market entry strategies, and inadequate knowledge of export documentation and logistics often hinder their success in global trade. Additionally, with the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA), there is a pressing need for entrepreneurs to capitalize on this opportunity for export growth.

Therefore, there is a critical need for comprehensive training and education in export and import practices tailored to the unique needs of African businesses. This necessitates the development of specialized programs like the Executive Certificate in Export and Import (EXIM), which equips entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, and strategies required to navigate the complexities of international trade successfully. By addressing these knowledge gaps and providing practical insights into leveraging AFCFTA, the EXIM course empowers participants to seize opportunities in global markets and drive economic growth across Africa.

Course Schedule
Week 1: Introduction to Export and Import
Week 2: Export Readiness and Market Entry Strategies
Week 3: Export Documentation and Logistics
Week 4: Leveraging AFCFTA for Export Growth

Who Should Attend?
African startups and SMEs looking to expand their reach beyond borders.
Entrepreneurs eager to capitalize on the opportunities presented by AFCFTA.
Business professionals seeking practical insights and strategies for international trade success.

Schedule: 4 Weekends of Online Learning
Where: Accessible from Anywhere
Cost: GHS. 1,550.00
Start Date: 9th March, 2024
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